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“Janet Lott has the skill and intelligence to perceive the subtleties of human coordination.” 
Robert Britton, Former President, American Society for the Alexander Technique.

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What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is an educational process that teaches the client how to relieve neck and back pain (British Medical Journal), prevent Repetitive Stress Injury, free the voice and breath, and improve performance in any activity.  The Technique is very popular with musicians, singers, actors, equestrians, dancers and other high performance athletes.


The Alexander Technique offers a clear, systematic look into the underlying principles that govern human movement.  When applied, these principles guide us to a dynamic experience of kinesthetic lightness – thinking becomes clearer, feelings balanced, sensations livelier, and movement more pleasurable.  Within this integrated, more conscious condition, we find our actions strengthened and refined, our sense of time expanded, and our rapport with the environment restored.

“The Alexander Technique is not a method of accumulating information nor the art of learning something new.  It is, instead, the art of unlearning, which is more subtle and, sometimes, a more difficult endeavor – unlearning that which is habitual, instead of natural; letting go of old patterns and of those repetitious opinions arrived at in times and circumstances totally different from those of the present.”      Laura Huxley, Author, Educator, Humanitarian


Who studies it?


* Anyone who has physical or emotional discomfort due to stress, postural habits, movement problems, old injuries, or poor self esteem.


* Performing artists.


* Athletes and martial artists.


* Voice and movement educators.


* Psychologists and physical therapists.


* Public speakers and business professionals.


* Equestrians (Sally Swift, Centered Riding).

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