6 Week Series

Open to public

Date & Time TBA
HUNYAN Tai Chi Academy
1890 Bryant St., #202, SF
Pre-register or questions: 415-864-4545

Private Instruction

San Rafael
Price: $90 for 50 minutes. Sliding scale offered.
Pre-register or questions: 415-272-4811

Introduction to Alexander Technique

  • Terrific for Tango!!!
  • Relieve neck and back pain.
  • Increase poise and improve balance.
  • Preparation for and recovery from hip and knee replacement surgery.

The ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE is a process of neuro-muscular movement re-education whereby students learn the ability to choose balanced, poised, efficient and appropriate responses to stimuli rather than habitual, tense, unbalanced and effortful responses. It facilitates high performance in all activities, improving power and stamina.

Since “using ourselves well” involves allowing the joints to move freely, this technique is widely applicable to anyone and any activity. Questions: [email protected]

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Private Lessons

Marin County

Private lessons and group classes ongoing.
Call for schedule: 415.272.4811 or [email protected]

San Rafael

Private lessons and group classes ongoing.
Call for schedule: 415.272.4811 or [email protected]

San Francisco

Private lessons and group classes ongoing at
Hunyuan Tai Chi Academy,
1890 Bryant Ave. Call for schedule: 415-272-4811

Client Profile

grandmotherFrom doctors to dancers, 20-somethings to octagenarians, Janet connects with the whole person to shine a light on where the body is inefficient, and how to gently lead it back to comfort and freedom.

She specializes in athletes, meditators, aging with grace and vigor, and Tango, and has helped hundreds of clients find their way back to the intuitive, unencumbered movement they once knew as children.

Janet has taught Alexander Technique to musicians, singers, business professionals, entrepeneurs, martial artists, physicians, surgeons, dancers and other high performance athletes.

“Helped my balance, self confidence in all movement and did wonders for my bad back. I bless the day I discovered her.” ~ Sue W.

“Long ago, whiplash, trifocal glasses, and hours at the piano and computer made for some chronic neck pain. Janet and the Alexander technique have solved that. I’m very grateful.” ~ 

Cynthia G.

I have had both hips and both knees replaced with excellent results using the Alexander Technique, along with physical therapy, for my recovery. ~ J.L.


Call Janet at 415.272.4811
[email protected]

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